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The Orville

No one really knew what to expect from the previews of this show was it gonna be a comedy or was it going to be sci-fi. Seth MacFarline the creator and lead in the show i best known for shows Family Guy
and American Dad also for movies like Ted and A Millions Ways to Die in the West. He was also one the main drivers for the Cosmos reboot with Neil Degrasse Tyson several years ago and donate a million dollars to archive Carl Sagans library to the library of congress and a huge sci-fi fan. He has done parodies of Star Wars trilogy in his Family Guy series. The show ended being on the whole very good. It does take a lot of ideas from Star Trek sometimes renaming things from warp drive to quantum drive. It also takes some casting choices form the ST as well, such as the outsider who does have emotions (Spock, Data, The Doctor, Odo, T-pol), an African-American character (Uhura, Geordi, Sisko) and alien crew members (Spock, Worf, Odo,Tuvak). This was done in Star Trek because the creator of that series wanted a future were race, color, gender etc did not matter, also it gives a different perspective of human culture from an outsider. Also some the story lines seem to be lifted from the ST series. One of which is that a culture on a space ship long enough to forgot they were on a ship and formed their own religion. Another was in season finally were a planet went in out of dimensions and time went faster than that on Earth. One benefit of Seths’ long career in Hollywood is that he can some famous actors to come on and do small or big parts such as Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, and Rob Lowe. There is definitely a lot of his humor injected the series sometimes the episode is more aroinf the humor and these seem to be weaker on the science fiction. Unlike a lot of science fiction series out there at the moment this has the ST optimistic view of the future were there is no war among the humans and there this tolerance for other races. The show also is fairly heavy handed on certain views of religion which the creator might hold, I do not find these offensive but might some people may not want to watch a series with such views. The first season had only 13 episodes and has been renewed and I hope they keep to a limited production and resist making a full season with a lot useless filler episodes.


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