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February 1, 2017

Electric Brown Dwarfs

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According to many years of observation and theory, stars are objects of mostly plasma. To get the energy to get the gas and dust that forms the stars and planets, first the gas has to collapse from a giant cloud or nebula. When the core of the star reaches the right pressure and temperature it starts nuclear fusion. Most stars start by fusing hydrogen, the first step a proton and a proton collide and forms a proton and neutron, a positron (the antimatter version of an electron with a positive charge0 and a neutrino (a small nearly mass particle). The next step the neutron and proton combined pair which is the nucleus of an isotope of hydrogen called a deuterium and a proton collide to form the nucleus of helium with two protons and on neutron also a neutrino and energy. The last step is when two helium nucleus collide and form a helium nucleus with 2 protons and 2 neutrons, 2 free protons. This how most stars start producing energy, as a star uses it up hydrogen it turns to helium and so and so on if it can produce the heat pressure in the core of the star.

As the stars are forming in the nebula, smaller chunks separate, this objects which are about 13 to 85 times the mass of Jupiter with Jupiter only having about of 1/1000 the mass of the Sun. These stars do not have enough mass to get close to the temperature at the core of the Sun so if they create their own energy they use another reaction chain. One reaction starts with a lithium nucleus that collides with a proton and creates beryllium. Next the beryllium collides with an electron to create a lithium atom with an extra neutron plus a neutrino. The next step is a proton hits this neutron heavy lithium and forms an unstable form of beryllium that then decays into 2 helium atoms. This objects are called brown dwarfs and could have planets close enough to be warm enough to have liquid water on them.

In the electric universe model stars are were currents of flowing thru space and there are ares were these current is pinched together and then it glows. The nuclear reactions are suppose to take place on the surface of the star and the products drift into the core of stars were the planets are formed and when they are ready they are ejected into space.


January 22, 2017

Father builds Robot Arm for Daughter

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With all the news of doom and gloom and people thinking science and tech will suddenly stop.There is a story of a person who needed a robotic assist for his 6 year old daughter who loss strength in it due illness. He didn’t have much tech experience but he turned to the internet for assistance and had to figure out how to mold around here arm. But right before Christmas she raised her arm without assistance.

And for this family this song really is fitting.

January 21, 2017

The Domed Earth

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In the latest episode of the podcast of be reasonable, they interviewed am individual who claims that the Earth is flat and we are a located under a curved dome. One of the points of evidence is that he claims Antarctica in reality does not look like what it looks like on maps and globes. He brings up a couple of missions of Admiral Byrd. On was operation Highjump which took place 1946-47, it was a mission to train troops in cold weather and to explore locations for future US bases on the continent. Another mission was Deep Freeze which took place form over the Antarctic summer of 1957-58. This was part of the international year of geology and was an international effort to start to study the Antarctic because it was the least explored place on Earth. Since 1959 there was been a treaty in place which allows scientific research by anyone but only allows scientific work and no commercial use of the continent. There are dozens of bases located all over Antarctica such Mcmurdo on the shore and also Amundsen-Scott base at the pole where experiments like the IceCube neutrino observatory is located. Another issue this author has with Antarctica is that there are no flights that directly over the continent. This is mostly because there is no real need to do this, there are a couple direct flights from Australia to South Africa that gets close to the coast but not directly over the pole.

He later brings up the fact the astronauts that have been to the moon or just in orbit above the Earth are lying about being there and the shape of the Earth. The author talks about Bart Sibrels attempts to get the 12 astronauts who have been to the moon to swear on the bible that they were lying. Bart would lie to the his interviewees until they should up at the was with Buzz Aldrin the second man on the moon. After Buzz walked out of the room the interview was taking place in Bart went out and got into Buzz’s face and called him a liar and a thief and wouldn’t leave Aldrin alone even after employees of the hotel told him to leave Buzz alone. And then came Barts claim to fame a man in his seventies about twice the age of Bart hit him and Bart hit the ground. Even if one or two of the astronauts agreed to do this it would not be any real evidence of the Earth being flat or the moon landings being false. We have many photographs and movies of partial views of the curve plus we pictures of the entire planet being a sphere.

Myhtbusters in one episode took a flight in the U2 spy plane up to 70.000 feet where the curvature of the Earth is clearly seen.

Also James may from the car show Top Gear had a chance to go into the same type of plane and saw the same curvature.

January 4, 2017

Yet more issues form the electric universe

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One the biggest problems the electric universe has is that there is a positive and negative charges. How this effects there is that positive is repelled by positive also negative is repelled negative, negative does attract positive. Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces but is always attractive never repulsive. Also the EU?PU proponents don’t get that it takes a long time for matter to clump together like millions of years. They start talking about how when the particles should give of thermal heat as they gather closer together. And they do but the gravitational force holds them together. Stars are a system where the thermal heat generated by nuclear reactions the core that want to expand and gravity that wants all the matter into the smallest possible object.
Also mentioned in the essay is that the Kepler was launched to measure the brightness in stars to measure processes going inside stars. This is false Kepler was launched to measure the changes in brightness to find planets. If a planet crosses between Kepler and the star being observed the light from the star will be dimmed a small amount. This is one tw main ways planets are found. Kepler over a thousand planets by doing this. Their are satellites that have been launched to do astroseismology such as Canada’s Most satellite which also help find and verify planets.
At the end they have a number of questions such as:
Where do massive stars form? From really big clouds of matter mostly hydrogen, these stars dont live long as more massive the star the fast they burn thru their fuel.
How do star clusters from? Some clouds are big in mass and cover are spread over a large distance and the matter is not evenly distributed. So when stars form out these clouds collapse different clumps form stars. If you measure the spectrum form stars in a cluster the have generally the same concentrations of elements.
How do these clouds form? When the universe cooled down enough to form hydrogen the first stars formed then galaxies. After a star burns hydrogen it makes helium, if the star is massive enough it will collapse to start helium burning and give off more heat and get bigger. It will doe this until the heat from burning the new fuel over comes gravity and either the star just kind of just expands constantly or it just explodes in a flash called a supernova and forms new clouds for stars to form from.
What cause galactic star formation? First they do not form all at once they form overtime. Some have formed billions of years and they are about 7 being born every year in this galaxy alone. Also big galaxies like ours have been partially formed by gobbling up smaller galaxies and all ther stars. Both galaxies would have nebula that would could and start forming stars.

September 28, 2016

Electric Medicine

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In this video the alternative health professional tries to link her practice of using tuning forks to cure ailments to the plasma or electric universe theory. Several times during her talk she describes herself as being logical or skeptical. If something is studied scientific it has to be reproducible, that can be reproduced by someone else over and over and you should be able to falsify the results. This woman’s medical practice is based on that you can hear problems with the body by using a tuning fork and hearing for abnormal areas. It is also based off of chakras which are points on the body where ancient spiritual healers thinks where the body’s energy is focused. So by touching one of these areas, or sticking pins in those areas or waving hand over these areas can heal whatever ails you. Hear variation of this is to use tuning forks and hearing the sound that reflects off of that point to find out what is wrong with you. She claims to cure things like pain, anxiety and mostly emotional issues, Pain is hard to measure so it can be difficult test unlike measuring a tumor or you temperature when your ill. With most emotional troubles once you talk about with someone a lot of times it helps with those issues. To check if this works all you need to do is to test different tuning forks at different distances from the body, or different frequency tuning forks.
But then she goes into plasma/ electric gravity stuff. She goes into how sound is transmitted in space. Sound is not transmitted in space, there are particles in space but it is not dense enough to transmit sound. When astronomers say they can hear the sounds of space this is usually done by converting the light they receive into sound. Pulsars are often converted from radio waves to sound mostly for people to get the concept of what is happening. Sound does move thru stars and this cause the surface to get dimmer or brighter. The study of this movement is called either helioseismology for the sun or astroseismology for all the other stars. Sometimes the astronomers will convert this back to sound to show how the sound moves thru the star. But there is no way for these sound waves to be felt by people on the Earth. Also she goes on saying that there is a plasma field around the body, this would cause major interference for people going into MRI machines.
If you just feeling a bit down or have some anxiety and need a caring hear to listen to you she probably can help. I do not think she is out to scam people, she is just a person who went down the wrong paths of “knowledge”.

September 26, 2016

Electric Gravity

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In this essay the author discusses problems with the modern view with gravity and his imaginative and his unsupported by evidence of how gravity should work to fit his world view. He has a problem with the curvature of space time as explained in general relativity and the limit on the speed light by special relativity. Also he tries to rework what atoms and sub atomic particles describe in quantum mechanics.
One concept the author has an issue with and the resulting effects of it is that of mass. In his essay he states that the textbooks at the beginning of the century confused gravitational mass and inertial mass. Well I do not much about turn of the 20th century textbooks but mass is mass. What can be confused is mass and weight. Mass is the amount of matter something, weight is resulting force on the mass by a gravitational field generated by a larger body like the Earth. So if you went to moon you would have the same mass but weigh less.
In !915 Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity were he explained space and time were inter contacted into something called space time, A very simple way of viewing this is if you take a sheet and stretch it. If you place something of any mass and will make a depression in it, the more massive the object bigger the dent so the Sun would have a bigger dent then the Earth. If an object comes along it will want to go to the bottom of the dent but if it is travelling fast enough it will follow a circular path around the object or it could travelling fast enough to get the objects gravitational influence and make a curved path around the object. This dent is always there, so no matter how fast the object is coming in it will feel the influence as soon as it is within this dent.
Atoms are made up of three particles the electrons, protons and neutrons. The proton and the electron have been assigned a charge of +1 and -1 respectively, this is because of when and how they were detected. Over time it was discovered that proton and neutron were made out of smaller particles with charges that added up to either +1 and 0 respectively called quarks. The electron is not made up from smaller particles and sometimes referred as a point particle.
The reason for this primer on some physics is because the author of the essay wants to tear down all the work of hundreds of scientists and engineers so he can come up with a system that makes sense to him.
First the neutrons, protons and electrons are made up with smaller particles called subtrons. they also add up to either 0, +1 and -1 respectively. And the travel in circular path inside each subatomic particle. Also the subtrons in each particle line so there is a negative pole and positive pole and the line up so it is negative to positive, so lets say the bottom of your feet are negative and the earth is all positive so they are attracted to one another. He also claims this help explains things like when superconductor is cooled its levitates. Also to make this system to work he claims that light is not the ultimate speed things can travel at he also brings back aether as a medium for light to travel thru. In the real model of how light works it is a particle and a wave so it does not need something to travel thru. Also the aether is made from neutrinos as they are in is model the most decayed from of matter. Of course most of the experimental evidence contradicts most of this but since it does not make sense to the author and his followers, it all has to re invented just for them.

September 18, 2016

Stellar Metamorphosis

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No I do not have a nice video or this is not written in the front of a car. This video shows that stars start off as white dwarfs and goes thru stages to eventually become planets and asteroids. Basically the star goes thru giant phases and makes molecules that goes to the center. So large giant stars are young version, the star gets smaller becomes a brown dwarf and then planets. One Whooping problem there is no evidence of this, Astronomers when they look at a star they measure the spectrum of the star. A large hot star would have a really different spectrum then a cooler star like our Sun. In the video they show the Earth as 10 billion years old but all the evidence points to about 4 billion years old. Also in other videos he explains a Beta Pictoris systems new planet as the planet being older than the star other being formed at the same time. They go on in saying planets were there before proto-planetery and that there are just clearing space as they go thru because can never get objects smashing together to make lager objects. Also in the beginning he states that there is a pulsar or quasar spinning giving off positive charge particles one direction and negative charge particles in the other. First of there pulsars and quasars are two different things. Second there a lot pulsars in our own galaxy so they are going to create more galaxies in our galaxy, going to get crowded. Another thing the particles which ever way is closest to the they are not going to travel to the other side of a star.
Most of the videos in this series either is insulting scientist or complaining that their ideas are not taking seriously by scientist. He trues to fight plate tectonics by saying that it just took over as an idea, there was a reason for it “EVIDENCE”. In another video he goes on how science is like a religion in that if you do not obey the laws they come up with you are kicked out. The laws of science were determined by observing what happened in nature people came up with a way of explaining it, most times we have had to go back and fix our ideas. Another piece of advice if you want scientist to talk to you like an equal stop with the insults.

September 8, 2016

Fifty Years of Trekking in the Stars

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Fifty years ago today a new myth was unleashed on the world. Instead of gods battling other gods or demons, it was humans fighting themselves, fight aliens or fighting demons inside themselves. Instead of using magical powers and objects they used their wits and machines that they built themselves. Instead of having magical beasts to fight or use they used mighty ships that were built by them, Instead of focusing how the gods created everything and fought, it was about how humans created their own future, a future where the most of the problems of the past were solved by humans like what skin color some people had or were they were from. It did use some of the themes from older myths and some religions. It explored some of the many worlds in this universe and even explored worlds in other universes. It did not stop at one series and kept on going into movies and several other series that explored many more worlds and meet many other civilizations. It has inspired many to ecplore strange new worlds and meet new civilizations, and hopefully in the future there won’t be as many places where no mans has gone before.

August 23, 2016


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May 8, 2016


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On the latest episode of the Merseyside Skeptics podcast Skeptics with a K, they discuss an energy saving device called z-energeia.  This device claims to align the elections flowing thru the wires in your house to decrease the resistance in the wires, resulting in less electricity used and a lower electrical bill by rubbing the outside of panel with a wipe.

All atoms are made from three subatomic particles, electrons, protons and neutrons. The protons and neutrons make the nucleus in the center and the elections orbit the nucleus. Electrons can orbit only in certain orbits.  This leaves one electron in the last level in a copper atom, these electrons are easily passed between atoms.  To move the electrons thru the wire, power companies use turbines to spin giant magnets in the center of a large coil of wire to push the electron all in one direction. That is the classical view. The other view is that the electron is a wave but even in this view the magnet field aligns the electrons in one direction. Resistance happens when atoms absorb an electron and gives off a little heat. So basically wiping down the outside of the panel will do nothing.

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