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February 28, 2019

Big Announcement for Canadian Space Agency

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This morning Justin Trudeau announced that the Canadian Space will receive at least 2 billion dollars over 24 years. This is mostly for helping to build the Lunar Gateway a new spaceship/ station that will orbit around the moon. Canada’s biggest contribution to the space station will building a robotic arm, Canada has built robotic arms for the space shuttle and the International Space Station, so building one for the Gateway seems logical. The main difference about this arm is that will be programmed to be more autonomous because at times the station will be on the other side of the moon and the station will not be manned full time but as as needed basis. The station will have labs, living quarters and act as an office for astronauts. It will be much smaller than the ISS, it will only take 5-6 missions starting in 2022 and hopefully be done by 2016, the ISS took over 30 missions to build. This will act as a base for exploring the moon and as jumping off point for missions to the moon.


February 10, 2019

To Be a SkyScholar or Not

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This will probably be part of any review of Dr. R.M Robitaille but stop with the waving finger we are not pets that made a mess on the carpet or a little kid that has done something wrong. Plus this is not scientific argument it is just condescending to the viewers.


In this video he starts with a flask with a gas in it which is released into a locker, then into a room and so on. Then he jumps to gravitational collapse then to potential energy and kinetic energy, then to how this violates 0th, 1st and 2 nd laws of thermodynanics so this means that stars are made from condense matter.


Let us go back to the beginning just after the energy released from the big bang cools down enough for matter to form, Most of the matter was hydrogen, some helium and lithium. There are pockets of slightly higher density, more and more matter is attracted to these clumps. These particles have motion and depending on the sum of the motion of the particles will determine which way the cloud will stop spinning. Because there is a mass of objects there is gravity.. The density at the center of the cloud becomes more and more dense as more particles are drawn. Eventually there is pressure forcing particles in the center closer and closer together, then the hydrogen atoms fuse together and become helium. This goes on for millions of years depending on the mass until the hydrogen is used up then helium is consumed in the center until it runs out. Depending on the mass of the stars it will keep going until it hits iron then no matter how massive the star does not have enough energy to squeeze iron into anything else. The star will explode and in the explosion will create the heavier elements. Smaller stars like our own will just puff out there outer shells into space. These first stars are called Population II stars because they were found later than Population I stars.


The debris after the explosion is what is called a nebula, it is giant cloud of dust and gas that expands and expands outwards. By this time there are other stars and probably even galaxies which are collections of stars. The stars will be emit a steady stream of particles, form our sun it is called a solar wind. The expanding nebula keeps pushing outwards but will meet resistance when it encounters the stellar winds from other stars, also the light from the stars will push back the gas in the nebula. Either a blast from another star, collision of gas clouds or currents in the nebula, stars will start to form. These are what are called Population I stars(theses were found first because the stars around the Sun are of this type.) these stars have more metals in them (metals are elements heavier then hydrogen, helium and lithium in astronomy). These stars are were planets will form because the form planets you need the heavier elements.


One of Dr. Robitaille claims is that the 0th , this law states if you have three systems A,B and C, and A=B and B=C so A=C, then goes off about intensive and extensive properties. Intensive properties are things like temperature, color and other properties that doe not change by how much stuff is in the system or if stuff is added to the system but if work is down to the system temperature can change to the the system, since there is work being done this is not violated. Extensive properties are like mass and volume and are change by adding more mass to the system. This will come up time and time again. Then he says the first law of thermodynamics is violated, the first law states energy cannot be created or destroyed but energy can be converted from one from to another or matter can be converted into energy. Since energy is converted form kinetic to potential energy then into nuclear and chemical energy this law is not violated. Then he goes the second law which states that entropy or disorder in a closed system must increase, since the universe started from a single point and eventually expand into infinity this law is not being violated, so all his claims of the laws of thermodynamics being violated are not valid. Also he claims that photons from a dust cloud collapsing can not be detected outside the cloud which is wrong. We detect these photons in the radio spectrum all the time in globules such as in the pillars of creation and other star forming regions


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