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January 31, 2019

Cargo Cult Science vs. “Scientism”

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In the epilogue of Richard Feynmans autobiography Classic Feynman he discusses what he calls Cargo Cult Science (CCS). Cargo Cults came about during and after WWII on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Americans would build landing strips on remote islands, drop cargo on islands or crash on some of these islands. On some islands the natives would build land strips and make mock ups of the other structures and stuff that they saw at these airstrips. They thought they could get more of the stuff the Americans were leaving behind by simulating what they Americans were doing. The problem was the radios didn’t send any messages or the air traffic controllers just looked the part but were just made out of scrap material found the island. Some pseudo-scientists are like this, they will use the words of science like quantum, have experiments that look legit or use equations that look on the up and up. The problem with their experiments is that are poorly done like sticking a cup of water in front of a window and saying the moon is cooling the water. Or they try to disprove a theory by saying on term is extensive vs intensive and not thinking both terms are potential energy and kinetic energy so the should be in the same equation.



Most pseudo-scientist will claim most scientist are practicing “Scientism”. They claim they are doing real science and actual science is just taking the word of the high priest of science who are using more and more complicated and more expensive equipment. The reason for the more and more complicated equipment is that the scientist are trying to find more and more detail or trying get to either smaller and smaller domains or to see further and further away. The LHC has to be as big as it is to get the particles really close to the speed of light to get enough energy on collision to get the high mass particles they are looking for. The reason why telescopes are getting bigger and bigger is to find dimmer and dimer objects such as planets or galaxies that formed just after the big bang. Often experiments are done over and over to confirm results. A classic example is Millikan oil drop experiment. This experiment was used to find the ration between mass and charge. It is done by placing charged oil drops and having to plates on the top and bottom. A charge is applied to the plates and when the drops stop moving the forces are balanced and the ration between mass and charge can be determined. This experiment had to be done several times to find the correct ratio. Most of pseudo-scientists will do an experiment once or show one photo to prove their point.


January 28, 2019

More Orphan Red

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Yep, she’s back. Another rant that is full of stuff that is not true and does not make sense. The first part of the video show goes on what she says science promised us. Actually a lot of it is what politicians and companies promised us such cities on the moon and what was referred back then as space aged buildings. What we get now is over priced houses and apartments. This mostly has to do with economics, politics and praticality. We did not go back to the moon after the Apollo 17 because the US congress did not want to spend more money on the program because they got the moon before the Soviets and that was they main reason the US went to the moon. The economics of building stuff in space is still very, very costly for the simplest structures. Even on Earth it is very costly to build large buildings to house a lot of people. Also a lot of people do not want to live in large towers with people all around them. Some like living traditional house, some like row house and some people like living on larger pieces of land in a rural area. Plus if you live in a city where a lot people want to live your rent and mortgages will be larger. Then she goes and states that Canada is spending 379 million dollars this year on the international space station. That is false it is 379 million over 8 years which is 47.3 million a year out of a total federal budget of 558 billion dollars. Then there is we have all these experiments and quotes from the bible, they haven’t moved me or any many people yet just a few. At the end she says she wants to bring on astronomers, cosmologists and other scientist on to her channel to discuss the the problems they see in the globe model. No, no you don’t.

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