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August 15, 2018

Yes Flat Earth, Again.

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In this interview Ross and Carrie interviews Jeran Campanella a flat-earther, One thing he goes on about is how scientist are taught to believe that things are round. Scientist are not taught to think that things like the Earth are round but are taught how to observe and measure things then to come to conclusion. Scientist are taught that most likely the answer the more probably that is the right answer. One area of astronomy that demonstrates this is the history of Exo-planets.



As far back as the Greeks people noticed that the ships sails would slowly go down below the horizon. Also many notice during a lunar eclipse the shadow across the moon had a curved edge from where ever you observed it from. Also Eratosthenes (276BC-195BC) using a sticks shadow at two points, one in Alexandria and the other at Aswan both in Egypt and found the size of the Earth. The experiment that is discussed in the podcast is a variation on the sails going down in the distance.



Early in the twentieth century Peter Van de Kamp of Swarthmore University thought he found a planet, then another planet and then a whole system around Barnards Star. Barnards Star is unique in that is has the highest proper motion for any star. Proper speed is the component of speed that is independent of the motion of a star going around the center of a galaxy. Van de Kamp thaought he saw the path of the star to wobble as it was going thru the galaxy. Latter it was found to be there was a fault in the plates that the images were taken on. Astronomers used to use glass plates to develop the image of a star, now it is a CCD chip. Another story of planets that weren’t was in the ’90’s. A pulsar astronomer thought there was a wobble in the signal from a pulsar, a pulsar is a neutron star that emits a beam of radio waves at a steady pattern. The pulsar would have a change that would indicate something orbiting about once a year. When the astronomer was about to announce to the would of this object around a pulsar he realized that he didn’t get take into account the Earths orbit. He got up to the podium and announced his mistake and got cheers.




August 9, 2018

Admiral There be Whales

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(The future website the pictures will be done a little better)

First thing of course something from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the one with the whales.

First thing we travelled down from St Stephen to St Andrews NB down the route 127. On the way down it was so foggy that you couldn’t see the top of Chamcook Mountain or the St. Croix Island (a failed french colony in 1603). Once we got down to St Andrews and got a parking spot. St Andrews is a town that depends heavily of tourist activities so it can busy place on the weekend. There are several whale watching tours in the area, one is on a sailing vessel, a couple use zodiac type of boats and the other two are boats that have an enclosed lower deck and an upper deck. The one we went on had an open upper deck. We went on this tour because well my sister and brother in law(BIL) were working for them. The route for the tour went out around Deer Island and then between Deer Island and Campobello island. For the the first part of the tour I went to the upper deck.





One the out around the first island we saw a bald eagle right before we came to salmon cages. Another industry in the area is aquaculture with cages throughout the Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay and my sister and BIL work during the week for of the companies that do this. One the way to the area we would find the whales we saw a few porpoises behind the boat. As we got closer to where it opened to the Bay of Fundy we started to see whales first was minke whale, minkes are smaller then the other whale we saw which was the Humpback whale. Minkes grow from are usually 6-8 meters long and sometimes to about 10m also the can be as massive as 4-4.5 tons. Minkes when the dive just show their dorsal side and do not show there tails. The way to identify them is markings on the their dorsal tail. The one we saw on this day was one called slice because most of the tail was sliced off or did not develop in the first place. After a few sightings of slice we moved on to where the other boats were. Then we saw the first sighting of V the humpback whale. It made a couple of arcs above the water and then made his terminal dive for several minutes. On his way down he showed his tail and this how you identify the whale. V has a notch out of his tail so this how it gots it name. Humpbacks are longer and get up to 12 meters long and much more massive. Then someone notice V over by the cliffs on Campobello Island and few blows out of the blowhole. Then I went downstairs because my seasickness kicked in. Then V showed up one more time between us and another boat maybe 100-130 m apart, and made another terminal dive.

After this we went out to a couple of islands as the BIL said they were running out of names for the islands so one that was covered with spruce trees was called spruce island and the other sandy island. Then we went to a fishing weir which is an old style of fishing herring. The herring go into a chute and goes into the weir and swim around in the weir until there are enough fish. In the past they call a local company to come in and suck them up to made into sardines and other snacks. Now the herring caught this way are used for bait for lobster fishing. Also on spruce island there was another bold eagle (I swear the BIL and the eagle have the same eyesight), Then we went around Deer Island, we encountered the ferry to the island. We travelled beside it for a while then went behind passed over it wake and passed the ferry. As we were approaching St. Andrews some smoked salmon pate was served I declined because my stomach was doing flip flops, then some ice tea which helped. Then on wards back to the dock.



This is one 3 hour tour that you will enjoy. A few side notes there is a tidal bore which is the second biggest whirlpool but only really appears during flood tides and we were going out just after high tide, so if you want to see that find out the tide schedule. Also a pair of binoculars would be good plus if you are going to invest in a new camera, get before you go out. Also if you need to take some motion sickness medicine before hand, also hold off on the upper deck until when you start to see whales.


August 4, 2018

Keep Looking Up

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The biggest influence on my life would of be my grandfather. When I was about 3 my mother, my sister and me moved in with my grandparents. He was a school bus driver, who was a mechanic, had a large garden and who had land which was mostly woodland and he enjoyed being down in the woods. My grandfather like watching PBS at night because there wasn’t as much fighting on their shows compared the other networks. He mostly like nature and science shows also some of the dramas, mysteries and comedies. I probably saw Carl Sagan but I was too young to really remember and he influenced me later in life. But most of young life was helping my grandfather working on engines mostly getting the tools he needed, helping in the garden, or in the woods with while he was getting firewood. I did have some friends growing up as well. I was sick a lot as kid because until I was 1 o years old I did not know I had asthma, so I spent a lot of time inside reading and watching TV. Later on when I was 16 gramp wanted to build a log cabin on separate lot a few kilometers from the farmhouse. While out there we had a multiband radio that could pick up some local tv stations. Also while out there I started to read more. One thing we heard a lot about was the Perseid meteor shower. One night we went back to the farmhouse which had a couple of fields around it and saw the meteors streaking thru the sky.

The next school year on class I had was biology. During one biology class the teacher showed a clip form the series Cosmos made by Carl Sagan about 20 years earlier. Another video was 2001: A Space Odyssey, I actually talked the principal into letting take betmax machine home to make a coppy to VHS for to view, for study material. Over the years I found I few of Sagans books first was a copy of Contact, the version after his death, Cosmos a paperback text version of the tv series and eventually stuff like A Demon Haunted World. One of the websites that started to follow was Phil Plaits bad astronomy which eventually got to try to make own site. He is one of the people who continue Sagan’s
work of continuing science outreach using logic also he is bi geek like myself. On his blog I often would take on the Electric Universe or Plasma Universe supporters. The original version of this website was geared towards that subject matter has changed over time.

One PBS late at night there was series for about 40 called the “The Star Hustler”. It was hosted by Jack Horkheimer from Miami Planetarium. Each show was about 5 minutes long and talked about what would come up in the nights sky at night. Late at night I would probably be the only one up watching TV and see these bits. And at the end of every episode he would say, “Keep looking up.”

There have been many influences in my life and probably hopefully a few more.

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