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June 27, 2018

Does Fermi Paradox really hold up

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A famous scientists Enrico Fermi had a thought, if there is life in the universe why haven’t they contacted us by now. A lot of people thought this meant of course that there was no life in the universe.
This was idea came about the same time we were just learning about DNA and how it passes information from one generation to another. This was before extremophiles were found on the bottom of the oceans, Later the Frank Drake came up with a formula to express what is needed for people to figure out whether or not there is life in the universe.
The Drake equation starts with stuff like what we have a fairly good idea of such as how many stars in the galaxy, this has increased because the average size of a star has decreased therefore given higher number of stars. The number of stars that are formed each year. To things we a less accurate idea of such as how many stars have planets and how many planets around each star. Then to things we have no real evidence for such as how many planets have life, how many of those have intelligent life and how many have survived, The Drake equation can have many different results because we have no real evidence either way on these terms. And there could be other factors that may have an effect on whether or not aliens have contacted us. Maybe they have no interest in contacting others or we have not gotten to a certain amount of development to warrant contact. Maybe the haven’t gotten to a level of development to contact us, not everyone experiences progress at the same rate. Some ancient civilizations could of been around during an ice age and decided just to move on. It could we are in a civilization desert and in another part of the galaxy there could be a lot more.
We are finding planets around a lot of stars around stars that thought would not find them. Some of them a lot closer to the star then we thought the would. What astronomers are looking for are planets in what is called the habitable zone which is an area where water can exists in gas, liquid and solid. But in our own solar system people are thinking there could be life under the ice of some of the giant moons around Saturn and Jupiter. Plus some the gas giants around other stars might have large moons themselves where life could exist. Plus there are planets that belong to no solar system that could have any icy crust and oceans underneath where life could exist, So until all the planets and moons in the universe is tested, I will always have life that there life in the universe.


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