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June 7, 2018

The Ongoing Story of Trying to Find Life on Mars.

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Every since Giovanni Schaipelli found what he called channels and later mistranslated into canals on the surface of Mars people have been looking for life, intelligent or microscopic every since. Percival Lowell a wealthy businessman from Lowell, Massachusetts was so taking by this idea that he built an observatory in Arizona, later this observatory was used to find Pluto in the outer regions of the solar system. In the 70’s there was Viking that test the soil for evidence of life that turned up nothing. In 1984 the was a meteorite found in the Allen Hills it left Mars billions of years ago. It was tested in the 90’s for evidence for life on the inside of it and in 1998 was announced that there was there were fossils of bacteria inside of it but there has been doubt of it. In the 2000’s two rovers landed on Mars called Spirit and Opportunity land one the red planet and Opportunity is still in operation, These two found evidence of water, these were chemicals that could only exist or be formed in the presence of water such as “blueberries” which is a special kind of hematite a compound of iron found different locations. There was also the Phoenix lander that discovered chemicals called perchlorates that react with organic molecules and thought to have been evidence of life on the red planet. Satellites orbiting the planet have many geological features that might indicate there was or water on the planet.

Today it was announced that the Curiosity rover the newest rover on the planet, it has been there since 2012 found organic chemicals. These chemicals include molecules such as benzene and toluene and smaller molecules such as propane and butene. There were other organic molecules detected that had sulfur and chlorine but could be determined exactly what they were because the detector was not set up for such large molecules.

What does mean, well nothing for sure. There can be life on the planet now but we still need more evidence. Life need water and ther not much of it on the planet at the moment so it is more likely that there was life on Mars in the past when there was water. One thing that might indicate is the presence of methane in the atmosphere which is produce by living things. There could have been life in the past but again need more evidence. If life arose early in martian history it means that life does take long to start and if that is the case life might not rare in the solar system or in the universe as a whole. These a great pieces of evidence but we need more evidence before we know for sure if there is life out there.


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