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April 10, 2018

Review of Mathew Anderson’s Habitable exoplanets: Red Dwarfs like TRAPPIST-1

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Review of Mathew Anderson’s Habitable exoplanets: Red Dwarfs like TRAPPIST-1

Last Wednesday night while watching the Weekly Space Hangout on youtube live there was an offer if interested you can get an e-book copy of the book written by Mathew Anderson. So I wrote the e-mail and got a copy of the book last night (Sunday).

The book is only 66 pages but it is crammed with a lot of facts and theories about these stars and how people thinks comes about on these planets. The book does discuss that red dwarf stars do emit a lot of solar flares. Also they emit ultraviolet radiation but instead of the penetrating UVB and UVC the mostly emit UVA radiation so the radiation would probably would not do as much damage to DNA in cells in already existing life, Also it is discussed how this might not be helpful for evolving life because they would not be as many mutations. The composition of the atmosphere in touched such as the green house effect and how planets can lose atmosphere and how geological processes can recycle carbon dioxide and other gases. The TRAPPIST-1 planets have been found to less dense then the Earth, so there should be a lot of water which might hinder the development of life, I wish the author discussed brown dwarfs and the planets around them or the moons around the planets in theses systems and the chances of life on them. The book is worth read and the 1 or 2 hours it probably will take read it.


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