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December 18, 2017

The Last Jedi

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Whenever I see “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” it is a happy day even with Jar-Jar in it. This Saturday was no exception while viewing The Last Jedi. It begins with the resistance leaving its base with Star Destroyers in orbit and then a lone X-wing appears to deliver a message From the resistance leader Princess Leah. The leader of the First Order is called Hux who looks like he started shaving, this reflects the comparison to the Nazis who in the last days WWII were using younger and younger soldiers. He has a lot to learn more history especially recent history dealing with SkyWalkers. Such as your opponent spat in Vaders face. Later in the movie he tries to pull rank on Kylo Ren, there he has to remember this is Vaders grandson. Kylo is no Darth Vader tho no matter how big of a hissy fit he throws during battles but has grandfathers angry.
Rose is the only new character that probably will stick around to the other movies. She reminds Finn that you should not fight against what you hate but what you love. This was the Skywalkers undoing, all three of them, Anakin gave into the hate of slavery and that Jedi order for the code turning him int Darth Vader. Leah and Luke used their righteous hate of the empire and Vader, this just lead to decades of war that tore the Republic apart. There was no replacement for Han in this movie. BB8 stole a lot of scenes demonstrating that size matters not.
There are plenty of throwback to the original movies which highlights Lukes journey thru the force. In the beginning of the movie we find out he has cut himself from people and the force because he felt guilty over allowing Kylo to go the darkside. Later an old friend points out that failure is greatest teacher and that he should not have turned his back on the force and the galaxy. Young Skywalker does eventually help the resistance in an unique way.
There was a lot attention on the internet spen on the fate of one character because the actor who played this character has passed. There are several points were they bring her close but time after time they prove she is tougher than a Star Destroyer. The other character was Supreme Commander Snook who basically did some parlour tricks and that was that.
At the end of the movie the show what is what of the resistance being carried off in the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace. The resistance now lives in the hearts of people thru out the galaxy. Now the First Order should be afraid, very afraid.


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