Anti-electric universe

October 28, 2017

story part whatever

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This is part of a story that may or may not be finished but has to post something


Remus and Sparta were twin planets that orbited around a common barycenter as they orbited what was called in the past a brown dwarf. The sub-star was called Rome. Rome was a dark almost brown red thru most of the body with a red strip at the equator with swirls of the bright red thru some of the body, Also from time to time a small body will fall into Rome and leave a red spot on the body for a short time. To the north of the star was mostly intergalactic space with a couple of globular clusters and to the south was the Orion spur of the milky galaxy. The system was set as a research base in the beginning as were all the settlements at the time. The two planets orbiting each other offered a unique situation to experiment on more efficient ways of entering an exiting hyperspace. Sparta eventually got a military base to protect against the chance of pirates in the area. Over the next hundred years the military governors took more and more range under their supervision, Eventually one of the governors decided to separate from rest of humanity and setup a military dictatorship.


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