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July 31, 2017

Salvation Part 2

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Salvation Part 2

In the last couple of episodes they start talking about an EM drive to propel a rocket to the asteroid to use a gravity tractor. Before we discuss the EM drive we will discuss how conventional rockets work. They basically work by pushing material out of the rear of rocket at a high speed and pushing the rocket in the opposite direction

Initial = in motiom


since both gas and rocket start with 0 velocity




you notice that there is a negative sign in front of v1gas which means it is the opposite direction of that to the rocket.

An EM drive uses electromagnet waves to push the rocket instead of burning chemicals to push the rocket. EM waves do have energy that can be converted to a force but to this time there has been no official well know proof on concept. The EM drive has one benefit if someone does get to work is that it does not need to carry fuel with it.

One option that probably that could be used is to try to break up the asteroid by nuclear explosives. This will open a can of worms, such as you will not how it break up, If the asteroid is solid the explosions might do little, if is made mostly of ice it will break up into thousands of pieces, and if it is a rubble pile type of asteroid it could break up and go many different directions,

The best option is to find the asteroid as soon as possible by investing in observatories that constantly keep an eye on the sky. This is one of the few natural disasters that we can do something about and we need to invest mor in detecting so we don’t have only months to react to it.


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