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July 31, 2017

Salvation Part 2

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Salvation Part 2

In the last couple of episodes they start talking about an EM drive to propel a rocket to the asteroid to use a gravity tractor. Before we discuss the EM drive we will discuss how conventional rockets work. They basically work by pushing material out of the rear of rocket at a high speed and pushing the rocket in the opposite direction

Initial = in motiom


since both gas and rocket start with 0 velocity




you notice that there is a negative sign in front of v1gas which means it is the opposite direction of that to the rocket.

An EM drive uses electromagnet waves to push the rocket instead of burning chemicals to push the rocket. EM waves do have energy that can be converted to a force but to this time there has been no official well know proof on concept. The EM drive has one benefit if someone does get to work is that it does not need to carry fuel with it.

One option that probably that could be used is to try to break up the asteroid by nuclear explosives. This will open a can of worms, such as you will not how it break up, If the asteroid is solid the explosions might do little, if is made mostly of ice it will break up into thousands of pieces, and if it is a rubble pile type of asteroid it could break up and go many different directions,

The best option is to find the asteroid as soon as possible by investing in observatories that constantly keep an eye on the sky. This is one of the few natural disasters that we can do something about and we need to invest mor in detecting so we don’t have only months to react to it.


July 17, 2017

Why you should save your money and not go and see any mediums and psychics

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Mediums in general a fakes. They use techniques known as cold reading or hot reading. Cold readings is when they go into an audience and start saying someone here lost someone with a letters like sort. These are two most common used letters used for names and most people going to see such shows are looking for closer from a lost. After they someone says yes that is me, they start looking for clues about the person from what the person in front of them is doing and saying. Like if they see someone younger
with them this is probably a son or daughter. Also they take guesses people will only remember how many times the medium or psychic gets something right and forget how many guesses are wrong. In hot reading psychic will do research on the person that they are reading, Some people like public figures are fairly easy to research because if a spouse or loved one passes it probably will documented in the media somewhere, Others might take a little work such as searching public records for deaths, marriages and births but for most people it could be done. One had people fill out questionnaires and later had his wife talk to him via radio. The skeptical investigator James Randi detected the transmissions and demonstrated the transmissions to the public and this psychic’s popularity went down for a while is coming back now.

These techniques have been around for over a century and there have been people investigating them since. One the first people to investigating the claims was Harry Houdini. He was a committee that investigated psychics and he himself went undercover to investigate and no one ever one the prize. Houdini and his actually went as far as setting a code phrase for after his death, More recently there was a one million dollar prize offered by the Jame Randi Educational Foundation for anyone who could demonstrate there abilities and while the prize was offered no one claimed it. Sylvia Brown who had a Vegas show based on her abilities said on The Larry King show she would go thru the testing but latter claimed she could not find the telephone number to set up a meeting. There are many other prizes around the world, like the Australian Skeptics 100,000 prize.

Everyone would like to talk their love ones that a no longer here no matter what your beliefs are. But there is no proof that they do what they claim to do. There was a lady who worked with me at a call center and one time she went to psychic fair. She went to a medium and the medium said she had a son with name that started with the letter L. She went along and said yes and the medium kept going. She does have a son but the name does not start with L but her dog Lance-a-lot does, after the reading she revealed this to medium.

July 13, 2017


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What happens if you are Elon Musk type Multi billionaire, a single mom who works as PR agent for the Department of Defense, or a young student are all told one biggest secrets, The student who not only found a girl who wrote sci-fi but also that night finds out the end of the world might be coming. They all find out that there is a large asteroid that if it hits the world will wipe out most of the life on the Earth. The asteroid is of course found by observational astronomer first and then is reported to NASA. NASA and the DOD decide to keep it quiet and send a rocket to the asteroid and leave a satellite in orbit around the asteroid. The satellite will have a small gravitational pull on it but it would be enough to deflect the asteroid from hitting the Earth, this called a gravitational tractor, this probably will be the most likely way to deflect such a rock. Blowing it up in the movie Armageddon would just break it up and you would up with thousands of impacts vs. just one. (the science consultant must of had some knowledge of this.) Eventually a theoretician catches up and detects by using the effects on other objects nearby, The next day All three finds out about NASA plans and that evening the billionaire says the government plan won’t work and plans on being a modern day Noah and build arks that go to Mars and rebuild the human race.
There is good reason why you wouldn’t tell the truth about such an object and that is some people would not take well. When Hale-Bopp comet came into the inner solar system 39 individuals committed suicide because they thought it was a way of getting on an UFO that was in the comets tail. There would also probably be many religious groups who would use this as some kind of symbol for this or that.
It really looks good from my point of view. I wouldn’t want to be the PR agent, you thought keeping Trumps stuff under control just imagine about the end of the world coming. I wonder if each episode will represent a day or week if it is by day we have 185 episodes left.

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