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April 27, 2017

Stellar Misconceptions

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In part of the video the present talks about a star cluster where there are new stars being formed in a globular cluster. A globular clusters are the oldest objects in the universe. They consists mostly of stars that are at the end of there life spans so they are in their whit dwarf phase of their lives. But in some clusters there seems to be younger stars being formed in the star cluster. They scientists working on the project says the stars are forming out of interstellar material. The presenter states that stellar expulsions are said to only push away the outer layers of a star. The stars in a globular clusters are in a sphere starting around 32 light years with a mass of tens of thousands that of the sun. So the stars are packed in there. In the paper the scientists thought it the gas that formed the younger stars came from the gas from around the cluster but the spectra do not match. My idea is that the stellar winds and expulsions could of pushed some of the gases together and formed clumps that could form the younger stars.

Stellar Mysteries Deepens
In this article they present the results of a study of globular cluster M4. In this cluster some stars are jumping rhe red giant stage and going straight to the white dwarf phase of their evolution, The stars that are doing this are sodium rich/oxygen poor stars. Now in the video they skip over the content of the stars but the presenter cherry picks a couple of quotes stating that this defies the models have been done on these types of stars and how the standard model most be thrown out. To a scientist this means that someone has to go back and do more simulations until they can figure out what is going on in the stars. This how science works you come up with an idea, run an experiment or take observations, analyze your data and come to a conclusion. Analyzing data does not mean look at a photograph or read an online article and come to conclusions about that. For a study like this this probably means taking spectrum of the stars and taking other measurements.

One assumption that the presenter and many electric universe proponents claim is that electrons flow in and positive charged ions flow out. This is contrary to what real measurements have found were it is a mix of electrons, positive ions and alpha particles flow from the sun.


April 4, 2017

Electrical global warming

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Now the fine fellows at thunderbolts are claiming climate change is caused by electric currents form the sun. They do have one thing right and that is global warming has been going since the planet first formed. It is that the climate change has increased over the last 150 years and that humans have had an influence over it that is of concern. They lump climate change in with gravitational wave detectors, fusion power research, LHC and dark energy and matter as great wastes of money, if you mean research that is getting results, trying to provide cleaner power and trying to figure out how the universe ticks then yes they are wastes of money.
A term that they use in the first video is “settled science”,science by its nature is not settled. Science is a combination of measuring, studying, experimenting, modelling and theorizing. The theory and model have to match the measured data from either experiments or observations, And science is constantly refining and sometimes if it has to reinventing theories. In the second video they go on about “astronomer priests”. In the past the night sky was used by priests to tell the stories of the gods and to predict the future in the cause of astrology. One of the last astronomers that also did horoscopes was Kepler. Then they say astronomers have made people fearful as possible asteroids or comets collisions with the Earth which have happened and will happen in the future.
In the first video they discuss how the thunderstorms on Jupiter and Saturn are much more violent and then one Earth so means there is another source of energy than the radiant heat from the sun. At least on Saturn they are models on how the storms are generated and is most of just how gases at different densities interact. In the atmosphere there is water, hydrogen, helium and other gases. The water is less dense then the hydrogen and helium so it sinks. The hydrogen and helium gets colder and denser and eventually sinks, while this going on the water moisture is getting warmer. The moisture layer rises and when these layers collide and mix a giant thunderstorm is formed. This model also explains why little ammonia is present is because it is rained out as the warm moisture rises.
Near the end of the first video he brings up cyclone Tracy that nearly wiped out Darwin a city on the northern reaches of Australia. There were claims of a diffuse lightening or a St Elmo’s fire seen at 3 am. St Elmo’s fire is actually a plasma that is generated around sharp objects that are in a electric field generated by a strong electric field such as a thunderstorm or volcanic discharge. They go one stating how the storm be so active even if there is no direct sunlight to fuel the storm. The thing is the atmosphere stores a lot of energy, the motion of the planet and the fluid dynamics of the atmosphere and you can get a big storm.
One of the main tropes of the electric universe is that Venus can not be a twin of the Earth that the green house effect has gone haywire. They prefer to think that it is still cooling down from when it was ejected from Jupiter and bounced around the solar system until it got into its present orbit (not the mainstream view at all).Venus is considered what happens when the greenhouse effect is allowed to get out of control at a temperature of 460 C this is because the atmosphere is made from 96.5% carbon dioxide thus the greenhouse effect is much larger.
Like most other global warming deniers the damage that they are doing is preventing us from trying find a real solution to the problem. While people are discussing whether or not it is happening the effects are getting worse.

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