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January 21, 2017

The Domed Earth

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In the latest episode of the podcast of be reasonable, they interviewed am individual who claims that the Earth is flat and we are a located under a curved dome. One of the points of evidence is that he claims Antarctica in reality does not look like what it looks like on maps and globes. He brings up a couple of missions of Admiral Byrd. On was operation Highjump which took place 1946-47, it was a mission to train troops in cold weather and to explore locations for future US bases on the continent. Another mission was Deep Freeze which took place form over the Antarctic summer of 1957-58. This was part of the international year of geology and was an international effort to start to study the Antarctic because it was the least explored place on Earth. Since 1959 there was been a treaty in place which allows scientific research by anyone but only allows scientific work and no commercial use of the continent. There are dozens of bases located all over Antarctica such Mcmurdo on the shore and also Amundsen-Scott base at the pole where experiments like the IceCube neutrino observatory is located. Another issue this author has with Antarctica is that there are no flights that directly over the continent. This is mostly because there is no real need to do this, there are a couple direct flights from Australia to South Africa that gets close to the coast but not directly over the pole.

He later brings up the fact the astronauts that have been to the moon or just in orbit above the Earth are lying about being there and the shape of the Earth. The author talks about Bart Sibrels attempts to get the 12 astronauts who have been to the moon to swear on the bible that they were lying. Bart would lie to the his interviewees until they should up at the was with Buzz Aldrin the second man on the moon. After Buzz walked out of the room the interview was taking place in Bart went out and got into Buzz’s face and called him a liar and a thief and wouldn’t leave Aldrin alone even after employees of the hotel told him to leave Buzz alone. And then came Barts claim to fame a man in his seventies about twice the age of Bart hit him and Bart hit the ground. Even if one or two of the astronauts agreed to do this it would not be any real evidence of the Earth being flat or the moon landings being false. We have many photographs and movies of partial views of the curve plus we pictures of the entire planet being a sphere.

Myhtbusters in one episode took a flight in the U2 spy plane up to 70.000 feet where the curvature of the Earth is clearly seen.

Also James may from the car show Top Gear had a chance to go into the same type of plane and saw the same curvature.


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