Anti-electric universe

September 28, 2016

Electric Medicine

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In this video the alternative health professional tries to link her practice of using tuning forks to cure ailments to the plasma or electric universe theory. Several times during her talk she describes herself as being logical or skeptical. If something is studied scientific it has to be reproducible, that can be reproduced by someone else over and over and you should be able to falsify the results. This woman’s medical practice is based on that you can hear problems with the body by using a tuning fork and hearing for abnormal areas. It is also based off of chakras which are points on the body where ancient spiritual healers thinks where the body’s energy is focused. So by touching one of these areas, or sticking pins in those areas or waving hand over these areas can heal whatever ails you. Hear variation of this is to use tuning forks and hearing the sound that reflects off of that point to find out what is wrong with you. She claims to cure things like pain, anxiety and mostly emotional issues, Pain is hard to measure so it can be difficult test unlike measuring a tumor or you temperature when your ill. With most emotional troubles once you talk about with someone a lot of times it helps with those issues. To check if this works all you need to do is to test different tuning forks at different distances from the body, or different frequency tuning forks.
But then she goes into plasma/ electric gravity stuff. She goes into how sound is transmitted in space. Sound is not transmitted in space, there are particles in space but it is not dense enough to transmit sound. When astronomers say they can hear the sounds of space this is usually done by converting the light they receive into sound. Pulsars are often converted from radio waves to sound mostly for people to get the concept of what is happening. Sound does move thru stars and this cause the surface to get dimmer or brighter. The study of this movement is called either helioseismology for the sun or astroseismology for all the other stars. Sometimes the astronomers will convert this back to sound to show how the sound moves thru the star. But there is no way for these sound waves to be felt by people on the Earth. Also she goes on saying that there is a plasma field around the body, this would cause major interference for people going into MRI machines.
If you just feeling a bit down or have some anxiety and need a caring hear to listen to you she probably can help. I do not think she is out to scam people, she is just a person who went down the wrong paths of “knowledge”.


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