Anti-electric universe

September 26, 2016

Electric Gravity

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In this essay the author discusses problems with the modern view with gravity and his imaginative and his unsupported by evidence of how gravity should work to fit his world view. He has a problem with the curvature of space time as explained in general relativity and the limit on the speed light by special relativity. Also he tries to rework what atoms and sub atomic particles describe in quantum mechanics.
One concept the author has an issue with and the resulting effects of it is that of mass. In his essay he states that the textbooks at the beginning of the century confused gravitational mass and inertial mass. Well I do not much about turn of the 20th century textbooks but mass is mass. What can be confused is mass and weight. Mass is the amount of matter something, weight is resulting force on the mass by a gravitational field generated by a larger body like the Earth. So if you went to moon you would have the same mass but weigh less.
In !915 Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity were he explained space and time were inter contacted into something called space time, A very simple way of viewing this is if you take a sheet and stretch it. If you place something of any mass and will make a depression in it, the more massive the object bigger the dent so the Sun would have a bigger dent then the Earth. If an object comes along it will want to go to the bottom of the dent but if it is travelling fast enough it will follow a circular path around the object or it could travelling fast enough to get the objects gravitational influence and make a curved path around the object. This dent is always there, so no matter how fast the object is coming in it will feel the influence as soon as it is within this dent.
Atoms are made up of three particles the electrons, protons and neutrons. The proton and the electron have been assigned a charge of +1 and -1 respectively, this is because of when and how they were detected. Over time it was discovered that proton and neutron were made out of smaller particles with charges that added up to either +1 and 0 respectively called quarks. The electron is not made up from smaller particles and sometimes referred as a point particle.
The reason for this primer on some physics is because the author of the essay wants to tear down all the work of hundreds of scientists and engineers so he can come up with a system that makes sense to him.
First the neutrons, protons and electrons are made up with smaller particles called subtrons. they also add up to either 0, +1 and -1 respectively. And the travel in circular path inside each subatomic particle. Also the subtrons in each particle line so there is a negative pole and positive pole and the line up so it is negative to positive, so lets say the bottom of your feet are negative and the earth is all positive so they are attracted to one another. He also claims this help explains things like when superconductor is cooled its levitates. Also to make this system to work he claims that light is not the ultimate speed things can travel at he also brings back aether as a medium for light to travel thru. In the real model of how light works it is a particle and a wave so it does not need something to travel thru. Also the aether is made from neutrinos as they are in is model the most decayed from of matter. Of course most of the experimental evidence contradicts most of this but since it does not make sense to the author and his followers, it all has to re invented just for them.


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