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September 18, 2016

Stellar Metamorphosis

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No I do not have a nice video or this is not written in the front of a car. This video shows that stars start off as white dwarfs and goes thru stages to eventually become planets and asteroids. Basically the star goes thru giant phases and makes molecules that goes to the center. So large giant stars are young version, the star gets smaller becomes a brown dwarf and then planets. One Whooping problem there is no evidence of this, Astronomers when they look at a star they measure the spectrum of the star. A large hot star would have a really different spectrum then a cooler star like our Sun. In the video they show the Earth as 10 billion years old but all the evidence points to about 4 billion years old. Also in other videos he explains a Beta Pictoris systems new planet as the planet being older than the star other being formed at the same time. They go on in saying planets were there before proto-planetery and that there are just clearing space as they go thru because can never get objects smashing together to make lager objects. Also in the beginning he states that there is a pulsar or quasar spinning giving off positive charge particles one direction and negative charge particles in the other. First of there pulsars and quasars are two different things. Second there a lot pulsars in our own galaxy so they are going to create more galaxies in our galaxy, going to get crowded. Another thing the particles which ever way is closest to the they are not going to travel to the other side of a star.
Most of the videos in this series either is insulting scientist or complaining that their ideas are not taking seriously by scientist. He trues to fight plate tectonics by saying that it just took over as an idea, there was a reason for it “EVIDENCE”. In another video he goes on how science is like a religion in that if you do not obey the laws they come up with you are kicked out. The laws of science were determined by observing what happened in nature people came up with a way of explaining it, most times we have had to go back and fix our ideas. Another piece of advice if you want scientist to talk to you like an equal stop with the insults.


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