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September 8, 2016

Fifty Years of Trekking in the Stars

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Fifty years ago today a new myth was unleashed on the world. Instead of gods battling other gods or demons, it was humans fighting themselves, fight aliens or fighting demons inside themselves. Instead of using magical powers and objects they used their wits and machines that they built themselves. Instead of having magical beasts to fight or use they used mighty ships that were built by them, Instead of focusing how the gods created everything and fought, it was about how humans created their own future, a future where the most of the problems of the past were solved by humans like what skin color some people had or were they were from. It did use some of the themes from older myths and some religions. It explored some of the many worlds in this universe and even explored worlds in other universes. It did not stop at one series and kept on going into movies and several other series that explored many more worlds and meet many other civilizations. It has inspired many to ecplore strange new worlds and meet new civilizations, and hopefully in the future there won’t be as many places where no mans has gone before.


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