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March 30, 2016

New tool for the hunt of planets

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One of the first steps in finding life outside of the solar system is to find a planet that life can call home. There have about 2000 planets found around other stars, some these are much larger of Jupiter and a few are the size asteroids. Location is also important because life on Earth needs liquid water, so astronomers assume the best places for life is were liquid water would exist. These areas around a star are called habitable zones. To find these planets there are two methods one is staring at a star hoping a planet passes in front of it, the Kepler space telescope was designed just to do this. The other method is the Doppler method, when a star is pulled away from you the light becomes redder and when the star approaches you the light appears bluer.

A new tool for finding these planets has been contracted by NASA to go on the WIYN 3.5 m telescope at Kitt Peak in Arizona. The NEID spectrograph, the name derive from the Tohona O’ordham tribes word for to visualize or discover, Kitt Peak resides on their land. The spectrograph was designed and being built by Penn State university.


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