Anti-electric universe

March 22, 2016

Well, speaking of exploding stars

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For the first time astronomers have seen a star explode or go supernova. There are two different types of supernova. The first type is when material from the atmosphere of one star is drawn onto the surface of an orbit white Dwarf and after too much material lands on its surface it explodes. The second type is when at the end of a large stars life and runs out of material to burn it explodes.The stars that were caught in this very rapid process were 300 times the size of the sun at a distance of 700 million light years away and the other was 500 times the sun and 1.2 billion light years away. They were caught by the Kepler Space telescope, it was designed to look at a small patch of sky to see planets moving in front of the stars. Peter Garnavich and his team took advantage of this constant staring at the same patch of sky. In the field of view there were 500 galaxies with 50 trillion stars in them.


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