Anti-electric universe

March 21, 2016

Dwarf galaxies help explain large atoms

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Where did all that gold that all those gold miners come from. The lightest of elements come were formed during the Big Bang. The elements up to iron were made in the cores of stars. Even the most massive of stars so not have enough gravitational energy to squeeze more protons into the nucleus of the atom to create more massive elements. These heavier atoms are created by neutron capture, after the nucleus absorbs the neutron it decays into a proton, electron/positron and a neutrino.One way this could happen is the supernova explosion of the larger stars the neutron capture. Another way is when two neutron stars collide. Neutron stars are the cores of much larger stars that lost there outer atmospheres after burning their nuclear fuel and are mostly made of neutrons, The evidence supporting this has come from an ancient faint galaxy orbiting our own called Reticulum II.


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