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January 31, 2016

Heroes Reborn

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I really liked the original series, well at least the first couple of series. The quality fall off so did their audience. They brought back the series in a mini series called Heroes Reborn In the mini series they have to save the world from a massive coronal mass ejection. First off there are such things but it is not they portray it also the Earth will be destroyed this time because the Earth’s magnetic field will go down.

Coronal mass ejections happen when the sun ejects part of the outer layers the sun. The sun does from time to to time, the times go on a 11 year cycle. When it is part of the sun it gets energy from the core of the sun. This material is electrical neutral most made from hydrogen that got excited enough so that the elections and protons separate. In the show the show it as a ribbon that stays together as it travels through space. This would not happen there is nothing to keep it together, the particles would go in all different directions, also they energy the particle would lose energy as they travel to the Earth so we wouldn’t even see the ejections.

The other part of the event they must avert is that the Earths magnetic field is about to fail. The Earths magnetic field will decrease then reverse on the time scale from a hundred thousand years to a million years. The magnetic field directs the particles to the poles and as the concentrate they start to interact with the molecules in the atmosphere. As the particles from the sun interact with the molecules and atoms in the atmosphere, the elections in the molecules and atoms get excited and then go back to their ground state. When that happens the atoms and molecules emit light and we call these the northern lights.  The main problem these particles would do to the human race if the magnetic field was down would knock out electronic devices. There would be no world wide blaze, a better choice would of been an asteroid hitting the world.


I liked the original idea of heroes. That was what if regular people suddenly got superhuman powers, would who use them to help others, would you hide from the masses or would use the powers for your own good. Maybe they come up with a better story, I rich TV personality who somehow is leading in the polls to become President.






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