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January 25, 2016

I want to believe

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Last night the X-files started a six part mini-series. The entire series was built on the premise that aliens exist and they have been to Earth also they are in conspiracy with the major governments of the world to engineer humans with their DNA. In this new edition they are going in a slightly different direction trying to work in some of the new conspiracy that have come up over the last fourteen years.

There probably life out there in the universe, given the number of planets we have found there is plenty of  opportunity for life. Most of the life is probably  micro organisms, intelligent life is probably more rare, maybe we might find it here. Due to the distances between stars we more than likely have not been visited by aliens.

Conspiracies are generally when groups of people get together to do something unlawful in secret. The biggest conspiracy theories were that the moon landings in the sixties and seventies were faked, another on is that the JFK assassination was done by the some other than Oswald. Some of these conspiracies probably come from shock that someone could kill a president all by himself without help or that the achievement that goes against there views on the world or the universe. Most of them are just seeing connections that do not exist just prove their theory right.

The reason I like series like X-files, Dr.Who, Star Trek and others is that show the possibilities of what is possible and the consequences of your the actions. The problem is that some people can not tell the difference between the fantasy and reality.



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