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December 15, 2015

The Expanse

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Now that the solar system has been fully colonized tensions a growing between the three main powers. The Earth-Moon which is governed by the UN, Mars which the military runs and the asteroid belt which is dependent on the inner planets. In the first episode it already discusses how the weaker gravity of the asteroids effects the development of the people living there, they are are taller, weaker bones and muscles and weaker lungs because they do not have to fight gravity as much as on the home planet. The asteroids are mined for substances such as water which is needed everywhere in the system. Part of the show takes place on the Canterbury which hauls ice to the port on Ceres the largest asteroid. The shows how the ship has to deal with the changes in force on the crew when the maneuvers or accelerates. When you  accelerate you increase force on you body, this is usually expressed in the terms of g’s. One g is the acceleration you feel from the gravity from the Earth. The human body can survive to up to about 5 gs. In the show the crew is stripped down with some kind of fluid pumped into them. The show demonstrates how ships would more likely to maneuver, instead of a slow curved tun the ships just flops end over end. I hope the show keeps it up for a long while. Me I would avoid any of the factions and find an exploration ship to as far I could go.


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