Anti-electric universe

November 26, 2015

The James Webb Telescope gets it first mirror

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Many, many years ago I was at a talk where the presenter was talking about plans for the next space telescope. One of the plans was a telescope that was made from different panels that unfolded like a flower once it got to the place in space where was to observe from. Each petal of this telescope is 1.3 m , 40 kg and there are 18 segments that will make a telescope 8.5 m. Each segment will be made from beryllium to withstand the mechanical and temperature stresses and coated wit gold to reflect infrared light. The scope will be launched to a point were the gravity from the sun and Earth are at a minimum and will face away from the sun with a giant sun shade to reduce the light from the sun. This scope will be used to look at light from the early universe to new planetary systems being formed.


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