Anti-electric universe

November 9, 2015

Please Do Not Buy This

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First off generally you cannot create energy from nothing you can either convert one form energy to another or convert matter into energy. Oil, gas and nuclear uses steam to drive a turbine that spins a magnet at the other end while being surrounded by coils of wires. The magnet pushes the electrons in the wire to create electricity. so it converting one form of energy to another.

The device is made of a condenser connected to a electric motor that has to magnets on other side of the motor. the condenser has two wires connected to it and at the beginning of the use a small power source is connected to the device. once the motor has started the power source is disconnected. Then a voltmeter is connected across the motor and a there is a voltage is read. The voltage is constantly dropping.while the motor is running. There appear to be two magnets on the sides of the motor. I guess this might keep the motor going a little longer but friction will eventually slow the motor down.

In the video the voice claims that the sun is positively charged with a voltage of 200 billion volts and the Earth is negatively charged. Also the the energy from the sun is bounced by the ionosphere.  The sun is hot due nuclear activity in the core that the electrons in the hydrogen atoms get enough energy to leave their orbit the atom, This gives an ionized gas but since it contains both positive and negative charges it is electrical neutral. the energy from the sun gets to the earth by particles called photons. Some of these photons have enough energy that when they hit the upper parts of the atmosphere they knock off of electrons and creates another electrical neutral plasma this layer is called the ionosphere. From the underside of this layer if you send photons with a lot less energy (we call these radio waves) they get bounced back to us. This is how radio signals can be carried around the Earth, the can bounce several times before they received back here. So basically the Earth is neutral, the Sun is neutral there is no current of electricity coming from the Sun to the Earth.

In the video they go on about how this site might be brought down by the big electric companies so you should order now. This is to create urgency so you will order without thinking about or taking time to think about it. Also the have notes on the side of the video telling you to turn up the volume to as loud as you can get your computers volume. They must want you hear the people around saying to you, “don’t buy this.”


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