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November 3, 2015

Scientist not baffled, they are excited

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Often in the news the headlines say “scientist baffled” or “scientist confused” most of the time I think this is because most reporters do not understand what I scientist job really is. A scientist job really is to figure what is happening using the evidence that is at their disposal.When a new discovery is made like when the New Horizons probe flew past Pluto last summer. There were a lot of new and unexpected things found on Pluto. The scientist were excited to get this data so they can analyze the data figure out how Pluto came about and how it has changed over the years. To analyze the data the scientist must use methods that other people can do, they can not just look at an image and say the image looks like this or that. There have been observations of the Sun that there is a layer that acts like a solid layer and there is iron in the corona but this does not mean there is a solid layer of iron in the sun, there small group that think that. Or a star dims in an unexpected way, this does not mean there is an alien superstructure orbiting the star, what is needed is more observations over time. Maybe it will be discovered it is a superstructure or just pile of ricks orbiting the star.


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