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September 16, 2015

I, Sceptic

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I am what is called a skeptic. This is not mean that I just put skeptic in front of something I do not like, like some people put that word in front of global warming or vaccines. It actually means making up your mind on each issue because of the evidence.It is like everything is a court case, you are presented with the evidence and hear the experts explain the evidence and make up your mind on the issue. Lets say there is a murder trail where you present with a video of the suspect in the area, DNA evidence and their finger prints on the murder weapon. You probably conclude the suspect performed the murder.

Scientist apply this in their work. The notice the average temperature of the Earth is rising, some areas might be getting cooler from time to time but overall the temperature is raising, Glaciers all over the world keep melting, giant sheets of ice keep coming off the polls and the temperature of the oceans keeps raising. the obvious solution is that the Earth is getting warmer.


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