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July 23, 2015

Kepler 452b:We are getting closer

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Today NASA announce that the Kepler space mission found a planet a closer to a twin of our own planet. This Planet orbits the star Kepler 452 and is named Kepler 452b. The star is 1.5 billion years older than the sun, about  20%bright than the sun and also 10% brighter. The planet orbits 5% further out than what the Earth orbits the sun, 1.6 times the radius of the Earth and orbits the star in 285 days. This mean it is within the goldilocks zone that is where water is likely to be in the liquid form. Right now we do not even know that there is water on the planet, We now need to find out what is in the atmosphere such as water. But we are getting closer to finding a twin to our own planet and maybe other civilizations.


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