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July 15, 2015

Could the dwarf planet be a contender?

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Every once and while my interest in astronomy wanes and then there is something that sucks me back in like a black hole and today was one of those days. Today was the press conference from the team that sent the New horizons probe to Pluto. The discovered that there are mountains in southern part of the are they called the Tombaugh Regio (The heart shaped region on the Pluto), in this region are mountains 11.,000 ft tall that are made from rock hard ice covered with methane and other organic compounds. Also on Pluto and Charon there does not appear to be any impact craters which means the surface is relatively new covering up older impact craters. Since this means water must have flowed over the impact craters. But where is Pluto getting the energy to heat the water. The heat from the sun is too weak to do it, no tidal heating because you need something larger to tug on Pluto or Charon to create the tidal forces needed to do that. With organic molecules , an unknown energy source and possible liquid water in the interior could Pluto be on the same list of Europa, Titan and few other places in the solar but that is highly speculative.

Also on Charon there is a canyon that is about 4 miles deep. And the moon Hydra is a 28 x 19 miles long and highly reflective which means it mostly water ice.


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