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July 12, 2009

E Pur si mouve

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400 years ago he pointed a telescope too the heavens, he might
of not been the first one to do so but he did more with it then others
at the time. Not only did Galileo find craters on the moon or find that
there are moons going around Jupiter or find that Venus has phases
like the moon or that there are spots on the sun. He did them all.
These things demonstrated that the heavens are not perfect and that
everything does not go around the Earth. He did even come up with
the idea, Copernicus did. Based on his and Tycho`s observations and
Kepler`s calculations Newton came up with the Law of Gravity.

One thing he did though is brought back is doing experiments to
learn new things. He rolled a ball down an incline plain and
measured how long it took, after many of these experiments to find
no matter how massive the ball rate the balls fall at the same rate.
Centuries later students in high schools and universities are doing
this same experiment. He was one of a few that started the modern
science movement, that still continues this day. There is a story that
during his trail he said “E pur si mouve” translated to “Yet it still
moves” referring to the movement of the Earth around the sun.
Rather or not he said does not really matter. The scientific movement
he help found is still going like the Earth around the Sun. So if it is

not for pointing the telescope to the heavens for the first time he should be celebrated for his other contributions to science as well.


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