Anti-electric universe

July 8, 2009

Yet we still look up

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In the distant past a hominid is looking over the fire up to the fires in sky wondering what they are. He and his tribe over time make stories about patterns they see in the sky. They realize that the patterns change at different times of the year, some are there during the rainy time some are there when there is no rain. Over time there are stories why the rain and some stars appear at the same time. Also they notice some of these fires move all over sky unlike the other fires these are called the wanderers by some. There is also a big light that comes out some nights and not in others and sometimes only part of the light comes up. Once and while the big fire during the day is covered and once and the light night at night turns red or black just for a few moments. During the passing of time people find out the some fires are brighter then others. Some try to use the stars to predict their own future.

After many dark years people look back at the stars. One man figures that the place lives on goes around the fire of the day so does the other wanderers. Another points a device that magnifies the light from the wanderers and finds one has four wanderers around it and one wanderer named Venus looks the light at night and shape changes over time. There is guy figures how the wanderers move around the day fire. Another figures there is force called gravity holding things together. He also discovers that if you take a prism that white light split into many different colours. Over the years people discovered that if you look at the light from different objects you got a different patterns of light. When people finally took the light from a telescope and let it pass
through a prism the found the spectra of different things there.

Also they found different objects in the sky and named them nebula. One man pointed the telescope to some these clouds and found most them were moving away from us the further away they were the faster they moved. Soon all kinds of objects were found. Some did not light get through, some gave a beacon like lighthouse, some were so dense that a teaspoon would weigh many tonnes, there wanderers
around the distant fires. We figured out how the stars worked and found some that could kill us if we were closer. We have sent 500 people into space and put a dozen on the moon. We have sent probes to other planets, we launched telescopes into space and found solar systems in development, planets larger than Jupiter and soon planets the size of ours. Even when we make to the other Earths we will still look up to see what is still out there.


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