Anti-electric universe

July 5, 2009

Why the anti-electric universe?

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      The reason is explain how the electric force and the phase of matter known as plasma relates to the other forces and other phases of matter. There are web sites out there claim that scientists are in cult of gravity and do not give the electric universe theory chance. If you do look at the electric universe theory you notice it is not really a theory but a group of hypothesis or guesses that sometimes do not agree with each other so it is not a theory in that respect. Also science needs evidence to support the theories which the electric universe does not. Do not get me wrong electricity and plasma do hold an important rule in the cosmos but alongside the weak, strong and
My background is that I tried twice to get a physics degree and failed, but I still have a little knowledge how science and physics works. How this started was about four years ago I started posting about at and soon was introduced to the electric universe. The real argument I got into was with someone claiming the sun had a solid surface made of iron. There have many others discussing these ideas over the Internet so this is going to another drop in the bucket but hopefully a helpful one. I am no export in any of these areas but I will provide links and list of books were applicable and encourage you not to take my word for it and do research of your own. The rate that articles appear will be random because of limited time access the Internet.



  1. Have you read Donald Scott’s “The Electric Sky”? He bases his thoughts on standard electrical engineering theory which is,I believe, a consistent set of ideas that work.

    Comment by juan — July 17, 2009 @ 6:55 am

    • No, I have not and I will discuss it in future.

      Comment by davidlpf — July 17, 2009 @ 7:34 am

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