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July 25, 2009


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Why discuss Aether?

Because the electric universe proponents try to dismiss special relativity by trying to
claim aether does exist therefore Einstein was wrong.  Long before Einstein’s theory of special
relativity there was gathering evidence that aether was not there. As Sagan states in the Demon
Haunted World, it is not possible to prove something does not exists, in aethers case there is no
proof that demonstrates it does exists.

What is Aether?

This is not so simple because it meant different things to different groups. Aether meant to
the Greeks as “to burn, to kindle, or to shine” and it meant everything above the clouds. Newton
used it to help explain the refraction and diffraction in the particle theory of light Huygens used to
explain how light moved in a wave. Huygen’s claimed that light moved in longitudinal waves like
sound waves or mechanical waves.  Eventually it turned into a substance that could do almost
everything at the same time.  When Maxwell came along with his equations for electricity and
magnetism it came obvious that light travelled in transverse waves which means that the aether has
to be rigid. The only requirement for Maxwells equations for light to travel in a vacuum is must
travel at the speed of light. At lower energies the viscosity had to near null or  it would  cause drag,
and the planets would  spiral towards the Sun. In the 1800’s experiments like Michelson-Morley
experiment showed no evidence of aether  exists. Since then there have been several more accurate
experiments backing up these experiments.

What was the Michelson-Morley experiment ?

The Michelson-Morley experiment was to measure the effect of the aether on a light source
travelling on the Earth. If the Earth moves in the aether and the light is parallel to the motion of the
Earth around the Sun, it would effect the speed of light.  The speed of light would be higher when
travelling in same direction as the movement of Earth around the Sun and would be less when the
light was travelling the opposite direction. The device  was a light source that was passed through a
halved silvered at a 45 degree angle mirror thus splitting the light on straight ahead and one at 90
degrees. The whole apparatus was floated in pool of mercury so it could spin so it could change
orientations easily. At the end of each arm was a mirror and was reflected back to halved  silvered
mirror and reflected to a detector. If the two beams of light were still travelling at the same speed
they would over lap each and constructively interfere each other. If one was slower then the other
there would be two peaks with one slightly behind the other.  On the detector there would a pattern
of a bright dot in the centre and a series of concentric circles on the detector if there is aether and if
no aether there would be no pattern. There was a pattern but it was smaller then what was needed
and what was detected was less then experimental error and the era of aether was on it’s way out.

Were there any experiments that did not agree

There were a set of experiments done by Dayton Miller which showed aether may exists.     Dayton Miller’s experiments were shown by Shankland to have errors. The apparatus itself  was shown to be affected by thermal conditions also Miller’s results were actually averages of hundreds so they were 10 times smaller then could be measured by the device . So device could be influenced by temperature changes and the analysis was faulty.

So in summary, aether could exits but it has no effect on light or on matter that we can
measure with our current technology. Does this prove Einstein right, no. Is there other evidence for
special relativity, yes.


Gaincoli Douglas C. (1995), Physics, 4th ed. Pg 746-749


July 19, 2009

Well now I am unemployed

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Yesterday me and the company I work fro argreed that is time for me move on. I have several things I do until I find a new job.

July 12, 2009

E Pur si mouve

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400 years ago he pointed a telescope too the heavens, he might
of not been the first one to do so but he did more with it then others
at the time. Not only did Galileo find craters on the moon or find that
there are moons going around Jupiter or find that Venus has phases
like the moon or that there are spots on the sun. He did them all.
These things demonstrated that the heavens are not perfect and that
everything does not go around the Earth. He did even come up with
the idea, Copernicus did. Based on his and Tycho`s observations and
Kepler`s calculations Newton came up with the Law of Gravity.

One thing he did though is brought back is doing experiments to
learn new things. He rolled a ball down an incline plain and
measured how long it took, after many of these experiments to find
no matter how massive the ball rate the balls fall at the same rate.
Centuries later students in high schools and universities are doing
this same experiment. He was one of a few that started the modern
science movement, that still continues this day. There is a story that
during his trail he said “E pur si mouve” translated to “Yet it still
moves” referring to the movement of the Earth around the sun.
Rather or not he said does not really matter. The scientific movement
he help found is still going like the Earth around the Sun. So if it is

not for pointing the telescope to the heavens for the first time he should be celebrated for his other contributions to science as well.

July 8, 2009

Yet we still look up

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In the distant past a hominid is looking over the fire up to the fires in sky wondering what they are. He and his tribe over time make stories about patterns they see in the sky. They realize that the patterns change at different times of the year, some are there during the rainy time some are there when there is no rain. Over time there are stories why the rain and some stars appear at the same time. Also they notice some of these fires move all over sky unlike the other fires these are called the wanderers by some. There is also a big light that comes out some nights and not in others and sometimes only part of the light comes up. Once and while the big fire during the day is covered and once and the light night at night turns red or black just for a few moments. During the passing of time people find out the some fires are brighter then others. Some try to use the stars to predict their own future.

After many dark years people look back at the stars. One man figures that the place lives on goes around the fire of the day so does the other wanderers. Another points a device that magnifies the light from the wanderers and finds one has four wanderers around it and one wanderer named Venus looks the light at night and shape changes over time. There is guy figures how the wanderers move around the day fire. Another figures there is force called gravity holding things together. He also discovers that if you take a prism that white light split into many different colours. Over the years people discovered that if you look at the light from different objects you got a different patterns of light. When people finally took the light from a telescope and let it pass
through a prism the found the spectra of different things there.

Also they found different objects in the sky and named them nebula. One man pointed the telescope to some these clouds and found most them were moving away from us the further away they were the faster they moved. Soon all kinds of objects were found. Some did not light get through, some gave a beacon like lighthouse, some were so dense that a teaspoon would weigh many tonnes, there wanderers
around the distant fires. We figured out how the stars worked and found some that could kill us if we were closer. We have sent 500 people into space and put a dozen on the moon. We have sent probes to other planets, we launched telescopes into space and found solar systems in development, planets larger than Jupiter and soon planets the size of ours. Even when we make to the other Earths we will still look up to see what is still out there.

July 5, 2009

Why the anti-electric universe?

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      The reason is explain how the electric force and the phase of matter known as plasma relates to the other forces and other phases of matter. There are web sites out there claim that scientists are in cult of gravity and do not give the electric universe theory chance. If you do look at the electric universe theory you notice it is not really a theory but a group of hypothesis or guesses that sometimes do not agree with each other so it is not a theory in that respect. Also science needs evidence to support the theories which the electric universe does not. Do not get me wrong electricity and plasma do hold an important rule in the cosmos but alongside the weak, strong and
My background is that I tried twice to get a physics degree and failed, but I still have a little knowledge how science and physics works. How this started was about four years ago I started posting about at and soon was introduced to the electric universe. The real argument I got into was with someone claiming the sun had a solid surface made of iron. There have many others discussing these ideas over the Internet so this is going to another drop in the bucket but hopefully a helpful one. I am no export in any of these areas but I will provide links and list of books were applicable and encourage you not to take my word for it and do research of your own. The rate that articles appear will be random because of limited time access the Internet.

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