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June 14, 2009

Close encounter of the moose kind

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As some of you know I work the late shift at a call center. The trip between the call center and my home is about 40 km. Some of the road has guard rails because the drop off can be fairly steep. Well I was going down hill that has the rails on it and I notice some in the other lane. It was dark and light then I hit the brakes. The thing got into my lane the I realized it was a yearling moose, and I just luckily just missed hitting it by just a couple of feet. Then when I try to get a picture then it started running down the road and went into someones driveway and then into the woods.


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  1. hello David! I just wandered over from Bad Astronomy (MichaelL). Consider yourself lucky you didn’t hit that Moose! When I lived in Northern Alberta in a small town on Highway 43, (Fox Creek), there was a sign saying that there were over 500 accidents involving vehicles hitting animals. The majority of those animals? Moose. Many of those people did not live to tell of their encounters. The Moose has no reflective part of the eye, so when light hits their eyes, it does not give that reflection, and you cannot see them. Since they are a very long legged animal, they tend to have their legs knocked out from under them, and roll into the passenger compartment through the windshield. I almost hit a few several times. Not a good way to go!

    Cheers, and feel free to check out my blog.

    Comment by apostaterebel — December 11, 2009 @ 8:58 am

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