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May 10, 2009

Yes he wrote book

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A gas of good time while discussing death

Phil Plait’s book Death From the Skies is a informative yet guide to
the possible ways the life on Earth may end. From the normal reasons
such as asteroid collisions, alien invasion (not the Mexican kind but
the ones from outer space) and the expansion of the sun to the more
exotic like GRBs and blackholes are all discussed in the book. The
author takes a humourous yet informative look at all these topics and
more. The only thing you might need to do is brush up on is sci-fi
references. He gives excellent description of what will happen to the
planet and anything on it, from being boiled, to be stretched or turned
to grey goo.
And yes for the all the Bablogees he wrote a book.


Star Trek XI

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The Preramble.
First to explain something. i live in a town on the canadian/american border. The movie thatre is on the american side and usually several weeks behind and to get there I need a passport or lisence and birth certificate to cross the border. (grrr) So the other option is travel to a nearby city which is about 1 hour to 2 hours away. And since the weather has been soggy lately and it is too wet to work in the garden, I went on the trip.
Got there just a couple minutes befor the nest sho started. Did the fanboy thing and got the popcorn and drink combo. I really liked this reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Yes there a few science problems but in any science fiction there is often problems with science. So no big surprise. This movie had a lot of good in jokes from past movies and series. If you take the Trek universe too or expect the science to be accurate to the smallest detal
this movie is probably not for you.

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