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January 31, 2016

Heroes Reborn

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I really liked the original series, well at least the first couple of series. The quality fall off so did their audience. They brought back the series in a mini series called Heroes Reborn In the mini series they have to save the world from a massive coronal mass ejection. First off there are such things but it is not they portray it also the Earth will be destroyed this time because the Earth’s magnetic field will go down.

Coronal mass ejections happen when the sun ejects part of the outer layers the sun. The sun does from time to to time, the times go on a 11 year cycle. When it is part of the sun it gets energy from the core of the sun. This material is electrical neutral most made from hydrogen that got excited enough so that the elections and protons separate. In the show the show it as a ribbon that stays together as it travels through space. This would not happen there is nothing to keep it together, the particles would go in all different directions, also they energy the particle would lose energy as they travel to the Earth so we wouldn’t even see the ejections.

The other part of the event they must avert is that the Earths magnetic field is about to fail. The Earths magnetic field will decrease then reverse on the time scale from a hundred thousand years to a million years. The magnetic field directs the particles to the poles and as the concentrate they start to interact with the molecules in the atmosphere. As the particles from the sun interact with the molecules and atoms in the atmosphere, the elections in the molecules and atoms get excited and then go back to their ground state. When that happens the atoms and molecules emit light and we call these the northern lights.  The main problem these particles would do to the human race if the magnetic field was down would knock out electronic devices. There would be no world wide blaze, a better choice would of been an asteroid hitting the world.


I liked the original idea of heroes. That was what if regular people suddenly got superhuman powers, would who use them to help others, would you hide from the masses or would use the powers for your own good. Maybe they come up with a better story, I rich TV personality who somehow is leading in the polls to become President.





January 25, 2016

I want to believe

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Last night the X-files started a six part mini-series. The entire series was built on the premise that aliens exist and they have been to Earth also they are in conspiracy with the major governments of the world to engineer humans with their DNA. In this new edition they are going in a slightly different direction trying to work in some of the new conspiracy that have come up over the last fourteen years.

There probably life out there in the universe, given the number of planets we have found there is plenty of  opportunity for life. Most of the life is probably  micro organisms, intelligent life is probably more rare, maybe we might find it here. Due to the distances between stars we more than likely have not been visited by aliens.

Conspiracies are generally when groups of people get together to do something unlawful in secret. The biggest conspiracy theories were that the moon landings in the sixties and seventies were faked, another on is that the JFK assassination was done by the some other than Oswald. Some of these conspiracies probably come from shock that someone could kill a president all by himself without help or that the achievement that goes against there views on the world or the universe. Most of them are just seeing connections that do not exist just prove their theory right.

The reason I like series like X-files, Dr.Who, Star Trek and others is that show the possibilities of what is possible and the consequences of your the actions. The problem is that some people can not tell the difference between the fantasy and reality.


December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas

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December 15, 2015

The Expanse

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Now that the solar system has been fully colonized tensions a growing between the three main powers. The Earth-Moon which is governed by the UN, Mars which the military runs and the asteroid belt which is dependent on the inner planets. In the first episode it already discusses how the weaker gravity of the asteroids effects the development of the people living there, they are are taller, weaker bones and muscles and weaker lungs because they do not have to fight gravity as much as on the home planet. The asteroids are mined for substances such as water which is needed everywhere in the system. Part of the show takes place on the Canterbury which hauls ice to the port on Ceres the largest asteroid. The shows how the ship has to deal with the changes in force on the crew when the maneuvers or accelerates. When you  accelerate you increase force on you body, this is usually expressed in the terms of g’s. One g is the acceleration you feel from the gravity from the Earth. The human body can survive to up to about 5 gs. In the show the crew is stripped down with some kind of fluid pumped into them. The show demonstrates how ships would more likely to maneuver, instead of a slow curved tun the ships just flops end over end. I hope the show keeps it up for a long while. Me I would avoid any of the factions and find an exploration ship to as far I could go.

December 8, 2015

Even some stars get left behind

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Stars have a predictable way of aging.It is mostly dependent on the mass of the star because this determines how much fuel and by how how much gravity the star can generate to keep it together. For example or star the sun will keep burning hydrogen for the next 4.5 billion years. Then it will get larger and larger staying the same size for shorter and shorter periods. The last stage the sun will throw off the outer layers forming a planetary nebula.

One Class of stars that do not follow their predictable model are stars called blue stragglers. A new study of these stars by Dr. Gosnell my of figured out way these stars do no follow this model. These stars orbit stars that reach the red giant phase of life. The outer layers of the red giants is tenuously   held to the star. The neighboring star sucks these outer layers onto itself gaining mass and fuel leaving the first star a white dwarf. Thus the star increases it mass and burns hotter and bluer. These stars are found in globular clusters. Most of the stars tend to be in the later stages of life while these stars seem be behind in development.


December 5, 2015

Congrats Dave Lane and Paul Gray

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One other thing happened 30 years ago. A supernova was found by a Canadian observatory. The  observatory was the Burke-Gaffney Observatory in Halifax, NS. The discovery was made David Lane now the observatory director and amateur Paul Gray. Paul’s daughter was 10 years old the youngest  person to do so. The coin has a young observer looking through the new Medjuck  telescope Congrats Dave. Paul and the Burke-Gaffney.

December 2, 2015

Happy 20th anniversary Soho

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20 years the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory was launched to the L2 lagrange point which is a point between the Sun and the Earth were the gravity is balanced, actually it orbits around this point because it is an unstable point. Over this time it has help many scientists study the sun such as:

Helioseismology. The sun is not a solid object but a giant ball of plasma. Plasma is a gas that is made up of charged particles, both negatively and positively charge particles. Being a not a solid object there is no real set shape, so the the Sun wobbles and jiggles. With Soho you can measure the wobbles and jiggles, scientist have used these measurements to figure out what the interior of the sun looks like.

CMEs or corona mass ejections. The sun from time to time ejects large amount of plasma from the the outer layer  called the corona. These chunks of  plasma can damage the electronics on satellites and also have downed power lines, so it could disrupt or lives on many levels. With Soho we have been able to predict if and/or when the hit the Earth.

November 26, 2015

The James Webb Telescope gets it first mirror

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Many, many years ago I was at a talk where the presenter was talking about plans for the next space telescope. One of the plans was a telescope that was made from different panels that unfolded like a flower once it got to the place in space where was to observe from. Each petal of this telescope is 1.3 m , 40 kg and there are 18 segments that will make a telescope 8.5 m. Each segment will be made from beryllium to withstand the mechanical and temperature stresses and coated wit gold to reflect infrared light. The scope will be launched to a point were the gravity from the sun and Earth are at a minimum and will face away from the sun with a giant sun shade to reduce the light from the sun. This scope will be used to look at light from the early universe to new planetary systems being formed.

November 9, 2015

Please Do Not Buy This

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First off generally you cannot create energy from nothing you can either convert one form energy to another or convert matter into energy. Oil, gas and nuclear uses steam to drive a turbine that spins a magnet at the other end while being surrounded by coils of wires. The magnet pushes the electrons in the wire to create electricity. so it converting one form of energy to another.

The device is made of a condenser connected to a electric motor that has to magnets on other side of the motor. the condenser has two wires connected to it and at the beginning of the use a small power source is connected to the device. once the motor has started the power source is disconnected. Then a voltmeter is connected across the motor and a there is a voltage is read. The voltage is constantly dropping.while the motor is running. There appear to be two magnets on the sides of the motor. I guess this might keep the motor going a little longer but friction will eventually slow the motor down.

In the video the voice claims that the sun is positively charged with a voltage of 200 billion volts and the Earth is negatively charged. Also the the energy from the sun is bounced by the ionosphere.  The sun is hot due nuclear activity in the core that the electrons in the hydrogen atoms get enough energy to leave their orbit the atom, This gives an ionized gas but since it contains both positive and negative charges it is electrical neutral. the energy from the sun gets to the earth by particles called photons. Some of these photons have enough energy that when they hit the upper parts of the atmosphere they knock off of electrons and creates another electrical neutral plasma this layer is called the ionosphere. From the underside of this layer if you send photons with a lot less energy (we call these radio waves) they get bounced back to us. This is how radio signals can be carried around the Earth, the can bounce several times before they received back here. So basically the Earth is neutral, the Sun is neutral there is no current of electricity coming from the Sun to the Earth.

In the video they go on about how this site might be brought down by the big electric companies so you should order now. This is to create urgency so you will order without thinking about or taking time to think about it. Also the have notes on the side of the video telling you to turn up the volume to as loud as you can get your computers volume. They must want you hear the people around saying to you, “don’t buy this.”

November 3, 2015

Scientist not baffled, they are excited

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Often in the news the headlines say “scientist baffled” or “scientist confused” most of the time I think this is because most reporters do not understand what I scientist job really is. A scientist job really is to figure what is happening using the evidence that is at their disposal.When a new discovery is made like when the New Horizons probe flew past Pluto last summer. There were a lot of new and unexpected things found on Pluto. The scientist were excited to get this data so they can analyze the data figure out how Pluto came about and how it has changed over the years. To analyze the data the scientist must use methods that other people can do, they can not just look at an image and say the image looks like this or that. There have been observations of the Sun that there is a layer that acts like a solid layer and there is iron in the corona but this does not mean there is a solid layer of iron in the sun, there small group that think that. Or a star dims in an unexpected way, this does not mean there is an alien superstructure orbiting the star, what is needed is more observations over time. Maybe it will be discovered it is a superstructure or just pile of ricks orbiting the star.

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